Sustainable Peak Performance, Productivity Based Resilience and Go Zone Sales Training


1. The Go Zone.

The 'Go Zone Program' helps people achieve Sustainable Peak Performance. It's a methodology to apply a positive habits, discipline and mindset to maximise business and life performance for the long term.  It's about enjoying your career rather than just enduring it.

The Program (ideally conducted over 4 modules/sessions) comprises:
The Principle of Progressive Overload.
4 Pillars of Resilience.
Biochemistry and how to control it.
Your Ideal Performance State.
Go, Slow and No Zones.
The Power of Recovery.
Emotional Elasticity.

2. High Performance Teams.

It's time to get real.  

Who do you look for first when you see a group photo? Yourself!

Too many 'experts' promise Engagement and Commitment without recognising our natural, human trait of Self Interest,  What's in it for me?  

My High Performance Teams Workshop is all about turning self interest into discretionary effort by becoming a truly collaborative and effective team. It's a very practical program that focusses on the essence of leadership: the need for individual Accountability, Recognition and Challenge. The Program includes:

Setting a Clear Direction.
Creating a No Excuse Culture.
Putting team members at the 'Top of the Food Chain'.
Making Discretionary effort.Why and What's in it for me?
No external negatives..EVER!
Fun and celebration.