Sustainable Peak Performance, Productivity Based Resilience and Go Zone Sales Training


Get in the GO ZONE

The Go Zone Keynote helps people be more effective and less stressed and to create better structure and greater resilience. Ideal for Sales Teams and anyone focussed on Peak Performance. The Go Zone is really about being able to change 'gears' with periods of absolute focus on the most important things without excuse or distraction (Go Zones), longer periods of lower intensity that are still productive but less stressful (Slow Zones) and crucial times of guilt free and enjoyable recovery (No Zones).The Go Zone is much more than time management. It's work effectiveness, boosting Resilience, ageing well and getting every drop out of life.

Embracing Change

Embracing Change works through 4 Stages: Denial, Resistance, Adjustment and Acceptance! If we spend too much time and energy in Denial and Resistance, we can miss out on the possibilities and learnings that come from Change. This session is designed to give people a lift, to see change as a positive and an opportunity, rather than an additional burden.

Healthy Ageing

Every single action we choose now has an impact on our vitality for the next 20 years! Through extensive research and personal experience Mark has developed 4 crucial factors in ageing well. These 4 factors form the basis of the keynote aimed at helping us to maintain and enhance productivity and physical capability, positively control our blood chemistry and maximise an optimistic and forward looking outlook.

Knowing Yourself-Knowing Others

How to communicate effectively with all types of people and personalities; be they dominant, interactive, steady or cautious. This is an interactive and engaging session that boosts self awareness and demonstrates practical ways to deliver your message in the most appropriate way, to have the maximum positive effect on the people you are dealing with. Ideal for anyone who needs enhanced skills in personal communication to fulfil their work role effectively.