Sustainable Peak Performance, Productivity Based Resilience and Go Zone Sales Training


'Elevate' High Performance Teamwork

We can all strive for excellence within a High Performance Team environment.

'Elevate' focuses on the essence of Leadership, Followership and Collaboration.

'Elevate' is about moving from self interest to discretionary effort, honest communication and high aspiration. 

'Elevate' illustrates and participants actually experience the importance of Absolute Expectation Clarity, the right mix and type of Recognition and Challenge and the crucial Power of Genuine Interest.

Elevate your Leadership and Teamwork above the ordinary to an effective and engaging culture your team will cherish forever.

Get in the GO ZONE

The Go Zone Keynote helps people be more effective and less stressed and to create better structure and greater resilience. Ideal for Sales Teams and anyone focussed on Peak Performance.

The Go Zone is really about being able to change 'gears' with periods of absolute focus on the most important things without excuse or distraction (Go Zones), longer periods of lower intensity that are still productive but less stressful (Slow Zones) and crucial times of guilt free and enjoyable recovery (No Zones).

The Go Zone is much more than time management. It's work effectiveness, boosting Resilience, ageing well and getting every drop out of life.


Embracing Change 

Embracing Change works through 4 Stages: Denial, Resistance, Adjustment and Acceptance! If we spend too much time and energy in Denial and Resistance, we can miss out on the possibilities and learnings that come from Change.

This session is designed to give people a lift, to see change as a positive and an opportunity, rather than an additional burden.