The well-known adage ‘The journey is more important than the destination’ was preceded by over 400 years by the Spanish author Cervantes who wrote, “The Journey is better than the Inn.”

Cervantes wisdom is the foundation of Mark's  “Journey Coaching’ Model…simply:

'Doing the best we can today.

The ‘Journey’ differs from ‘Destination Coaching’, which focuses on acquiring skills, position, net wealth or other goals by an agreed future deadline.

Rather, ‘Journey Coaching’ uses a 3 phase approach to influence and motivate our Colleagues to lead, follow, act, perform or play as well as their current capabilities and prevailing circumstances allows…today and each day.



Phase #1         Foundation

A). Whenever possible we use existing 360 degree feedback, PDP plans or similar existing data to agree our starting point.

B). If these are not available we use our own ‘Ride of Life’ diagnostic, comprising a simple Psychometric assessment and a series of questions around 5 fundamental pillars of life.

 Phase # 2          Key Focus Areas (KFAs)

 Using the information from Phase #1 across 2-3 initial discussions, Colleague and Coach identify and agree on 3 KFAs with rationale, intentions and daily actions for each.

We never have any more than 3 KFAs at any time. The KFAs can and often do change regularly through the Coaching process and the evolution of the Colleague.



Phase # 3         The Journey

Monthly face to face/Skype/Phone plus ongoing interaction using our unique 2-way text message protocols. We constantly focus on pragmatic Colleague actions, responses, progress and challenges regarding their 3 KFAs.

 Duration and Costs

The Journey Coaching works in 3 monthly blocks at a cost of $3,000 +gst per block ($1,000 +gst per month.) often sponsored by Employer or Association. Mark works with ony a small number of colleagues at any one time.


Cervantes personified his mantra with a life journey that saw him progress through a series of jobs and experiences, before eventually commencing work on what remains the quintessential Spanish novel, Don Quixote…at the age of 55!

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