Sustainable Peak Performance, Productivity Based Resilience and Go Zone Sales Training


‘Doing the best we can today’ is the foundation of Mark’s Coaching and Facilitation philosophy. It’s based on the wisdom of Spanish author Cervantes who wrote in 1600, “The Journey is better than the Inn.” Mark’s Executive Coaching and Group Facilitations use a 3 phase methodology to influence and motivate people to lead, follow, act, perform or play as well as their current capabilities and prevailing circumstances allows…today and each day. Phase #1 Foundation Where are we now? Using a combination of existing data and discovery. Phase # 2 Key Focus Areas (KFAs) We agree on 3 KFAs with rationale, intentions and daily actions for each. We never have any more than 3 KFAs at any time. Phase # 3 The Journey Individually designed follow up and implementation strategies.