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The Slowest Seagull

I felt like the seagull that couldn't get a chip!

I was surfing yesterday and all the younger, faster guys kept stealing my waves from right under my nose. I would be just about to paddle into a wave when they would swoop in like a seagull on a chip mission and steal it from me.

I kept trying and trying in the same take off spot but every single time I they would 'snake me' (surfing term). What could I do? I could go in and drive along the coast further but it would be the same deal. I could try waiting until the crowd thinned out but that wasn't going to happen until dusk...also know as shark feeding thanks.

Finally it dawned on me that the first wave of each set was a little smaller and broke a little closer into shore...and there was no one on them. Even though it was smaller, it was also much cleaner because the waves from the previous set had already made their way back out to sea.

Happy days! I finally got a few rides before some of the pack wised up and followed in..and you guessed it, starting monopolising the waves again.

Anyway, the moral is that the solution to a challenge might be much closer than we think. It may not be a permanent solution because things are changing so fast, but the positive action creates momentum.

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