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Don't Eat Your Feelings

Don't Eat Your Feelings At an event last week, I asked one of the Delegates what she'd had for lunch..."I just ate my feelings" she replied. It had been a demanding morning and she was feeling a little overwhelmed about her workload and balancing the demands of corporate leadership and being a single mum. We've all heard of comfort eating but I'd never heard it captured so eloquently and simply... we eat our feelings! I shared with her my not so eloquently named 'Bump, Slump and Dump' technique. 1. Turn off your Phone or Laptop....just for 5 Bump it (slang for turn off). 2. Forget good posture for 5 mins and slump into your chair..physically let go. 3. Mentally dump 3 things that are worrying you. If you still feel like the junk food after 'Bump, Slump and Dump' at least you are making an informed eating choice. It's not meditation or mindfulness, it's just a pause that helps with perspective! The happy ending is that our Delegate gave it a try and determined there were 3 projects she could shelve and 4 weekly tasks she could delegate while she focussed on the truly important at work. She also set 3 non negotiable finish times each week so she could enjoy the truly important at home.....and she ordered grilled fish for dinner!

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