Sustainable Peak Performance, Productivity Based Resilience and Go Zone Sales Training

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    Every session is tailored to the unique needs of the group and is designed to be engaging and entertaining with practical take away skills for all involved. Here’s a brief summary of my key Topics.

    The Go Zone Program to help people be more effective and more resilient. Ideal for Sales Teams and anyone focussed on Sustainable Peak Performance. The Go Zone is really about being able to change 'gears' with periods of absolute focus on the most important things without excuse or distraction (Go Zones), longer periods of lower intensity that are still productive but less stressful (Slow Zones) and crucial times of guilt free and enjoyable recovery (No Zones). The Go Zone is much more than time management. It's work effetiveness, boosting Resilience, ageing well and getting every drop out of life.

    Change is inevitable in life, except from vending machines.! There is no longer time to deny and resist change, we must accept it and then discover not only how to make the best of it, but how to actually benefit…what’s in it for me? This session is designed to give people a lift, to see change as a positive and an opportunity, rather than an additional burden.

    It's time to get real. Who do you look for first when you see a group photo? Yourself! Too many 'experts' promise Engagement and Commitment without recognising our natural, human desire for Self Interest, What's in it for me? My High Performance Teams Workshop is all about turning self interest into discretionary effort by becoming a truly collaborative and effective team. It's a very practical program that focusses on the essence of leadership: the need for individual Accountability, Recognition and Challenge.
  • KNOWING YOURSELF-Knowing Others

    How to communicate effectively with all types of people and personalities; be they dominant, interactive, steady or cautious. This is an interactive and engaging session that boosts self awareness and demonstrates practical ways to deliver your message in the most appropriate way, to have the maximum positive effect on the people you are dealing with. Ideal for anyone who needs enhanced skills in personal communication to fulfil their work role effectively.

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Mark is the designer of the widely practiced ‘Every Day Counts’ and ‘Go Zone’ training programs.He spent 18 years in the AFL first as a Player, then as a High Performance Coach, including 5 years with the Victorian State of Origin Team.Member of the Collingwood Hall of Fame.Former Magazine Editor.Author of 4 books, with numerous international reprints or translations.  Over 500 National and International Presentations to Franchisees, Sales Teams, Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners, Educators, Banks, Retail, Construction and Mining Industries, Sporting Clubs, Government workers and the Medical and Hospital Sectors.


“Mark was amazing. He kept the audience enthralled and received awesome feedback from 800 delegates.”

Pittard Training Group

"Mark is wonderful. The audiences love him and the Go Zone works.”


"Blown away, Mark was awesome…So motivating and relevant, it would be great to hear more of Mark”

Medibank Private

"Mark was the standout! Again!”

Vero Insurance

“Mark is clearly the best speaker we have ever had”

Hella Australia